Tyler dice a caitlyn di perdere peso

tyler dice a caitlyn di perdere peso

Maci wants Ryan to complete rehab or she'll keep Bentley away. Catelynn worries about Tyler's dad Butch since he's off parole. Tyler dice a caitlyn di perdere peso celebrates her birthday in New York, while Amber calls off their engagement. Ryan completes rehab early and demands to see Bentley. Catelynn worries if she gets pregnant again she'll have postpartum depression. Farrah looks for a home in Los Angeles. Catelynn and Tyler hurry to get everything ready for the launch of their children's clothing line.

Farrah travels abroad for work and leaves Sophia in Michael's care. Catelynn and Tyler launch their kids clothing line but run into issues. Amber and Matt try to save their relationship. Bentley starts third grade and Maci is still determined to keep him away from Ryan until he passes a drug test. Amber is depressed after breaking up with Matt.

L'errore più grande quando si vuole perdere peso

Catelynn and Tyler finally get a date to visit Carly. Farrah visits Omaha and Sophia expresses her dislike for Deb's fiancé, David.

Trama[ modifica modifica wikitesto ] Nadia e Katherine stanno cercando un modo per trovare il cadavere della Petrova per concludere il rituale dei Viaggiatori, cioè rendere il transito di Katherine dentro Elena permanente. Tyler racconta a Matt che ha superato tutto il periodo nero che ha trascorso a New Orleans, quindi il giovane Donovan decide di organizzare una festa di benvenuto per Lockwood.

Taylor surprises Maci and takes her skydiving. Catelynn and Tyler finally get to see Carly. Tyler struggles with Butch's drug use. Farrah and Sophia model at NY fashion week. Maci and Taylor get an office for their business. Ryan is clean but Mackenzie still worries he may relapse. Farrah goes on a family vacation to Italy.

Il bruciagrassi

Ryan and Mackenzie have a joint bachelor and bachelorette party. Maci learns Taylor is not invited to the wedding.

tyler dice a caitlyn di perdere peso

Amber finds out she is pregnant. Catelynn freaks out at a photo shoot and Tyler is overwhelmed with renovations and launching the fall line.

tyler dice a caitlyn di perdere peso

Maci and Taylor celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary. Amber is excited about her pregnancy.

Bentley turns 9 and Maci allows him to spend time with Ryan. Deb tries to persuade Sophia to go to her wedding. Catelynn secretly removed her IUD and has a big surprise for Tyler.

Ryan is furious at Maci when she shows up late to trick-or-treat.

Episodi di The Vampire Diaries (quinta stagione)

Farrah is shocked when she finds out who Deb invited to her wedding. Catelynn surprises her family with her pregnancy.

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Farrah gets vaginal rejuvenation and lashes out at her producer. Catelynn spends quality time with Nova while Tyler gets emotional dropping Butch off at rehab. Maci and Taylor attend Ryan and Mackenzie's wedding. Maci meets with a doctor to find new ways to manage her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Executive Producer Morgan heads to Austin to see Farrah.

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Maci trains to participate on another show. Amber starts preparing the nursery while Gary gets the paternity test results. Executive Producer Morgan speaks with Farrah. Taylor takes Bentley on a boys trip to Jacksonville to visit their new clothing warehouse.

tyler dice a caitlyn di perdere peso

Mackenzie enrolls in college and talks about kids with Ryan. Tyler and Bisogno di perdere peso ma incinta visit Catelynn at her treatment facility. Tyler struggles to keep their clothing business up and running while dealing with his dad and wife being in rehab.

Maci visits Catelynn at her treatment facility. Tyler and his sister Amber have an emotional reunion with their dad Butch when they visit him in rehab. Amber gives her cousin Krystal advice about co-parenting while Mackenzie and Ryan have big news.

Amber is hurt when Leah chooses to sleepover at a friends house instead of spending time with her. Catelynn returns home but quickly admits herself again. Part 2.

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