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It is possible that files associated with the Bluetooth feature were corrupted for some reason. Not uncommon.

Open Command Prompt with admin rights from search and type the below command before hitting Enter. ResetI am not a fan of this option but if you have come this far.

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Stay ConnectedLike I said. It is most likely a software related issue. Last updated on 5 Jul. The content remains unbiased and authentic.

However I don't think the current version of Windows 10 has one. After the update and computer restart bluetooth was missing from device manager. So I used windows troubleshooter as was told no bluetooth device exists on my computer.

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When I navigate to bluetooth settings it now says "bluetooth is turned off" under my devices and "can't connect" when I try to add a new device. Some were just the names of the mouse and keyboard.

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Karthi sivakumar perdita di peso think one was just generically "bluetooth" I tried right clicking and updating drivers no luck.

At some point I looked at properties and saw code 45 currently hardware device is not connected. However when I restarted my computer all of those bluetooth options were completely gone and windows did not automatically install the default driver. I'm really sorry this explanation of my issue isn't better.

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I've done support myself and I'm embarrassed at the lack of screenshots and documentation. When my bluetooth devices disconnected I didn't think to document my steps because surely it would be fixed in 10 seconds.

Instead I've spent 2 hours insanely frustrated trying to fix this.

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I know for a fact my laptop is bluetooth capable. Thanks for all the information you shared.

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As far as detail is concerned. Once the Services window opens. There are three solutions to fix the problem.

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You may not have to try them all. Just work your way down at the top of the list until you find the one that works for you.

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To fix the problem. Be sure to choose only drivers that are compatible with your variant of Windows versions. In this way. Or if you use the Pro version. You get full support and a day money karthi sivakumar perdita di peso guarantee for the Pro version Solution 2: Check for the Bluetooth Support serviceBluetooth Support service supports the discovery and the association of bluetooth device.

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Solution 3: Run Windows TroubleshooterTo fix the problem. Follow steps below to run the troubleshooter. Hope the methods here help you solve the bluetooth issues. If you have any questions or ideas. Feeling frustrated of Bluetooth not showing in Device Manager?

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There is a huge number of people reporting about this issue after upgrading the operating system to Windows 10 or 8. There are different reasons for the root cause but troubleshooting in a right way can fix the issue of Bluetooth not showing in device manager. You need to implement the following in the order to make sure the source of the problem.


You can apply these tweaks to any of the laptop models like Acer. Lenovo etc that runs on Windows operating system.

In the worst situation. Bluetooth not available in device manager is because of the malfunction.

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In this case. Show Hidden Bluetooth DeviceThis is simple.